Email marketing

Effective email marketing is the best way to keep visitors coming back to your site, and a good way of finding new ones. It has nothing to do with spam.

What is it ?

The most common form of email marketing is a monthly newsletter, for which your visitors can sign up through the site.

Other alternatives include a set series of emails that are sent out in sequence, at weekly intervals. Instead of receiving the latest newsletter, each subscriber starts from the beginning of the sequence.

How does it work ?

There are two keys to successful email marketing :

  • Attracting subscribers
  • Sending them emails they want to receive

The first requires good site design and a quick and painless sign-up process. The second requires an attractive, professional-looking newsletter, and a little bit of thought about what goes into to it.

Every mail you send must either offer your subscribers something they want, or tell them something they want to know.

What we can do

  • Optimise your site to convert visitors into subscribers
  • Supply you with a system to manage subscribers and send out emails
  • Create a format for your newsletter in keeping with the look and feel of the site
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