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Reasons why you need a website

No matter how big or small your Business is, you should have a website and bellow are reasons why small businesses also need a website.

Your Business is Never Closed

What do you mean never closed? I want to be with my family. Of course, that is the point. The website is there 24/7. It sells and promotes your services and products all the time.

While you don’t want to spend all day in your office and work until 3 or 4 AM. Many people are doing research about their next buy or service at that time. Why wouldn’t you want to be one of the options?

A website is a Tool That Sells Your Products and Services

A website can act as a catalogue or a brochure for your services and products. If something changes, like prices or packages for your services, you just change it.

You don’t need to wait for your printed materials to arrive, which you have then sent out to your potential clients (print is still a good addition).

Your Clients Expect You to Be Online

There was an interesting research done in 2016, that shows, that clients do expect Businesses to have a website.

80% of participants in the age between 18 – 54 say, that they are more likely to contact a business if the business has a website.

You could be missing a chunk of clients that are looking for your product or services and they can’t find you.

Your Website Can Provide Social Proof

Of course, you probably have some type of social proof, like the Facebook page or Twitter account. Not to mention Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Reviews.

All this is great, but if people are already looking for you on the internet, it would be great if they can find your website. This is where you can include your happy client’s testimonials.

Believe it or not majority of people love to look for reviews and what other people are saying about you. The results of a survey done by Brightlocal say that 88 % people trust online reviews.

Your Business Website is The Center of Your Marketing

Whatever you want to do in business today, the first place where it should go live is your website. The first marketing step is having a business website.

This means before you have your brochures, business cards, and flyers printed. All the information, that can be useful and helpful to your clients should be live on your website.

Then you can go and do the rest.

Every marketing campaign should first be live on your website landing page so that what is written on your flyers, or in videos or in brochures can lead them to your website.

Print materials and video materials should be done in a way that your clients are motivated to visit your site for more information.

You Will Save Time

Whatever your business is selling, services or products. Your website can answer many questions from your customers.

This can take much time in your busy schedule. Answering questions on your phone or email (of course there will still be emails) this takes time.

But your website is usually the first contact with your potential clients. And if you can answer their questions before they contact your business you can do them a big favor.

The best part as mentioned above it’s always available to provide value to your customers.

The time that you save here, can now be a time that you invest in your business growth and development.

You control the narrative

It’s true that you cannot control what others say about you on social media channels, but you can influence public perception by creating your own story via a business website.

A company blog helps business owners get their message, mission, and personality in front of their target audience faster than print ads or snail mail brochures.

Plus, social icons linking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networking platforms make sharing your content easier for your visitors who like what they see.