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Our Website Design Process

1. Your Requirements

Get in touch with us by filling out the enquiry form or by telephone. We’ll require all the information that you would like to have on your website, this includes information like a company profile, logo, who you are, what you do, contact information, images/photographs and links to your social media accounts as well as any other functionalities that you may require, such as online shopping, events calendar, etc. in order to give you an estimated cost. Communication about the project details will be done via email in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

2. Project Pricing Estimate

After we have received your requirements for the website to be designed, we will send you a quotation for the work to be done and the estimated time of completion.

3. Acceptance – 50% Deposit

After you have received the quotation and you are ready to get started, we’ll require a 50% deposit in order to book in your project. We work on a first come, first served basis in order to assist all our clients in a timely matter.

4. Design Process

After we have received payment, we can start setting up your hosting and domain name. The time it will take to design the website will depend on the amount of work we have at the time, the amount of content you would like to have on your website as well as the complexity of the design.

5. Design Changes & Approval

After we have completed the design process, you will be able to view the live website. You can let us know if there are any content changes you would like to make.

6. Search Engine Optimization

After the changes have been made, we’ll optimize the website for search engines. This includes optimizing the page titles, descriptions, keyword, alt tags and submit your website to Google.

7. Your Website is Live

Your website can now be found on search engines and users are able to view your website from anywhere in the world.

8. Final Payment

We require the balance to be paid within 7 days after we have completed your project.

9. Support & Maintenance

Feel free to contact us if you require updates/content changes on your website. Technical updates are charged at R495 per hour and Content updates are charged at an hourly rate of R150.00 per hour.